• FW 20/21
    The inspiration for the fall-winter collection was abstract, empirical art pieces of modern artists. Based on their artworks, installations, photographs and sculptures, the collection represents an important philosophical concept - "a thing in itself": interacting with the outside world, we are not dealing with it, but with our ideas of it.

    The base of concept has a melancholy mood. It tends to think on how our experience reflects on the perception of values throughout life.
  • SS 20/21_eng
    Kintsugi was an inspiration for the collection. The art of Kintsugi teaches us to embrace imperfections: precious lines of gold are there to emphasize that breaks have philosophical merit all of their own.

    This philosophy retains particular wisdom as applicable to our own lives as it is ceramics: the care expended on the shattered pieces should also encourage us to respect what is damaged, vulnerable and imperfect, starting with ourselves.

    The base of the concept is the melancholic personal experience and self reflectivity. The quality of materials and color palette linked together as a transit from the artistic exploration into society and culture.
  • FW 19/20
    Legend of Judith was an inspiration for the collection. Judith is a woman who becomes a symbol of the victory of good over evil, light over darkness. She is a symbol of female courage and fortitude.

    The legend motive suggests thinking about the feelings of Judith herself, fulfilment of her potential and emotional integrity. Caravaggio does not personify triumph or passion on Judith's face in his painting- rather, determination towards the enemy.

    This collection is a tribute to women. Classic, familiar and essential pieces with clear silhouettes, core colors, combinations of heavy and lightweight fabrics – woven together. These principles represent dualism of women their tenderness, strength and determination.
  • FW 17/18
    The collection is dedicated to an immersive exploration of art by Lucio Fontana.

    The concept tells us about the state of mind, which creates through the optical touch between art-piece and person. It is the way of identifying yourself in a new reflection when your thoughts are bending inward, and you are sinking in a state of new perspectives.

    The collection has three-dimensional elements, sophisticated drapes and cut, voluminous and weightless silhouettes.
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